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Akkordeon Grenzenlos 2024 – Jazz Workshop with Tian Long Li


AkkGr 2024 – Tian Long Li – Jazz Workshop
02.04.2024 – 06.04.2024

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Lecturer: Tian Long Li

Discover the limitless creative possibilities of music in our “Free Rhythm Improvisation” workshop. Immerse yourself in a musical journey that is not just about the technique of playing the accordion, but above all about the art of free rhythm improvisation. Together with a rhythm group you will learn to react spontaneously to certain rhythms and tones, while mastering the interaction, variation and conversation of free improvisation. This course is aimed at everyone who wants to expand their musical expression and experience the magic of improvised music. Immerse yourself in the world of limitless musical freedom and unleash your creative potential!

Workshop content:

  • Introduction to different rhythm patterns and styles.
  • Collaboration with a live rhythm section.
  • Spontaneous reaction to given rhythms and tones.
  • Development of improvisation skills on the accordion.
  • Emphasis on interaction, variation and conversation in free improvisation.
  • Exploration of different musical genres and moods.
  • Boosting musical expression and creativity.
  • Tips and techniques for developing an individual playing style.

Language: German and English

Workshop entitles you to the following:

  • Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. or 90 min.
  • Admission to the sessions in the Kesselhaus on all days
  • Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Admission to supporting program events on all days
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