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HMW 2024 – Chris Kramer – Blues Harmonica for Beginners


HMW 2024 – Chris Kramer – Blues Harmonica for Beginners
01.11.2024 – 02.11.2024

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Beginners Workshop with Chris Kramer

The workshop is aimed at absolute beginners as well as beginners with some previous experience on the instrument. You do not need to be able to read music! All you need is a 10-hole Richter harmonica in C major and the desire to play it. 

Please don’t bring double row harmonica models such as Echo or Unsere Lieblinge! If you don’t own a suitable instrument, you can purchase one from the instructor.


Learning to play clean single notes, playing familiar tunes using these clean single notes, getting the first sound effects and taking the first steps in the blues together. Learn draw-bends, trills, glissando, wah-wah, tremolo and enjoy a gentle introduction to the first improvisations in the 12 bar blues form.

Chris Kramer has been giving harmonica workshops since 1991 and promises to bring out the best in each participant through individual supervision. 

According to the motto, “There’s more in you than you may think”, Chris looks forward to helping you realise your potential.


Course language: German or English

Max. number of participants: 20


Workshop entitles you to the following:

  • Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. or 90 min.
  • Admission to the sessions in the Kesselhaus on all days
  • Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Admission to supporting program events on all days
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