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HMW24 Opening Session


Wednesday October 30, 8:30pm Joe Filisko’s acoustic jam  

from 10:00 pm Open session on stage w. Steve Baker & the LiveWires

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Wednesday October 30 Opening Session

Opening Session

8.30pm Acoustic Session in front of the stage with Joe Filisko

The acoustic jam originated at the SPAH festival in the USA. Participants sit in a rough circle and take turns to play, while Joe provides guitar accompaniment and encouragement. Each player gets one chorus to strut their stuff, while everyone else listens. The songs are mostly blues standards and it’s always interesting to hear how different people approach the same tune. This highly popular acoustic jam offers a great opportunity for players to come together and will take place on Wednesday night only.

10pm Onstage Session with the LiveWires (MC Steve Baker)

At the Harmonica Masters Concerts 2024 the onstage session accompaniment from Wednesday to Friday will be provided by Steve Baker’s band the LiveWires. Players who wish to perform on stage are requested to sign up and everybody gets to play one number of their choice. Session participants have a great opportunity to perform with top class professional accompanists and show what they can do in front of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic audience. As in previous years Steve will MC the sessions and introduce the performers.

The LiveWires will also be accompanying many of the instructors’ concerts.

More information about the Live Wires

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