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HMW 2023 – Joe Filisko – Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles


HMW: Joe Filisko – Traditional Blues Harmonica Styles
07. – 11.06.2023

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Requirements for participants

  • Technical level: advanced, intermediate skills
  • Language: Englisch

Joe Filisko’s classes at the Harmonica Masters Workshops need little introduction. He has been with us from the very beginning and many of our regulars attend his workshop every year (aka the Bar 13 Harmaniacs). Joe’s encyclopedic knowledge of the harmonica and his mastery of traditional styles which may otherwise been lost ensure a uniquely rewarding learning experience for students, not least thanks to his structured and inspirational teaching methods. A great many players have gained immeasurably from studying with him.

As in previous years, Joe’s course at the HMW 2023 will cover most areas of traditional playing including: tongue blocking, breathing, hand techniques and BIG TONE, which is how to get the maximum amount of sound out of your harp by learning to play to the strengths of the instrument. This will be applied both to rural country blues and Chicago Blues styles. Joe’s class will offer students extensive opportunities to play and also to receive an individual critique. As in previous years, he will provide fresh study material in 2023.

Workshop entitles you to the following:

  • Minimum 11 teaching units of 75 min. or 90 min.
  • Admission to the sessions in the Kesselhaus on all days
  • Admission to the Harmonica Masters Concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Admission to supporting program events on all days
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